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Preferred Touch Home Care

This is my DIGITAL partner in all of Homecare Online Exposure, this agency goes above and beyond for a very fair monthly subscription fee. They are always creative when it comes down to getting found on the internet & know what it takes to make your brand shine. We Highly recommend you try this agency, if your looking for new business or need some Reputation Management with Creative Designs Call Them.

Sarah Michael

Sarah Michael

Chairman of the Audit Committee at 6D Global Technologies, Inc.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex and I must admit that I am look forward to future projects. His exceptional managerial qualities demonstrates a high degree of expertise in his field. Some qualities include his ability to lead, attention to detail, and his viral enthusiasm and drive. One of the main reasons that I can call Alex one of the most influential bosses in my career is his open door policy. Alex is open and inviting to answer questions and deal with any problems we might have. This helped foster an environment of high performance and a mutual respect between upper management and employees. I would certainly recommend Alex!!

Andrew Casalino

Andrew Casalino

Agency Account Manager at

I had the pleasure to report directly to Alex at eBoxed. Alex truly encompasses the attributes that make a great marketer. From his salesmanship, to his grasp on the marketing world, Alex has the potential to do great in all he strives for. As an intern, I couldn’t have asked for a better Director of Sales, and I would recommend Alex to anyone!

Diana Kushnir

Diana Kushnir

Leasing Manager

Alex is a very personable and professional individual. I have known him on a personal friendship level and on a business level. He sets out to do whatever he puts his mind to. He is very goal oriented and once involved in something, brings it to completion. I would definitely recommend using Alex’s services for any business requests your company has pertaining to his skills and what his company has to offer. It is a great opportunity for business growth.


Alice Antonovsky


August 12, 2011, Alice was a client of Alex’s
I have worked and continue to work with Alex Gerts on various marketing projects involving my law office. He is extremely knowledgeable in the area and tailors an online marketing campaign tailored to specific needs of an individual/business. I am very happy with the results and will continue to work with Alex for some time to come. I have also recommended Alex Gerts to colleagues and friends and all have been very satisfied


Ray Lankin

Founder & CEO at Superior Consulting Management

August 11, 2011, Ray was a client of Alex’s

I hired Alex Gerts to work on my online campaign to expand by business. I quickly realized that this was a wonderful business move for my company Superior Consulting Management. Alex Gerts promised exceptional service and quantifiable results; both of which were delivered in a timely manner. I highly recommend Gerts and his staff at because they understand internet marketing and the benefits proper exposure can have for a business. I have also referred Alex Gerts and his staff to other colleagues and business owners because I am confident in their work.


Frank N. Rossani

Founder of Equity Wealth Builders NEW linkedIn Group

August 11, 2011, Frank N. was a client of Alex’s
I highly recommend Alex Gerts of eBoxed as your go-to person for internet marketing. Aside from being exceptionally knowledgeable with respect to online marketing, he was highly professional in his delivery of services. He and his associates were very receptive and a pleasure to work with. I believe having Alex Gerts working on your online campaign is an asset that will help expand your business.

Paul Logan

Paul G. Logan

Talent Branding Expert & Storyteller

April 16, 2013, Alex worked with Paul G. in the same group
Alex possesses great knowledge and expertise in client communication / relations and online sales. It has been a pleasure to work with such an organized professional whom has shown great passion and drive for the company’s overall success.

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