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Where are the classes held?
All our courses are online, live on with the A Team!

After completing the course, you will be given a recording of the live classes for future reference. You will also be added to our Online Situation where you will learn more, get opportunities to work with a Career Coach & Job Search Support & have plenty of opportunities to land a few freelance gigs.

What we do not provide.
You might be asked to download/purchase tools you may need to learn specific skills such as editing/scriptwriting. App’s & tools of the trade.
  • A good internet connection (50 Mbps or more is preferred)
  • For courses that teach video/photography — a digital camera (Even your smartphone camera works!)
  • Your commitment to finish assignments instructors ask of you.
  • Guarantees.
  • Miracles!
Time Commitment for one class?
One hour of Q & A, for every hour in class.
Interested in organizing corporate courses for your company?
For all corporate inquiries and requests, we’ll greatly appreciate it if you submit them.
Your employer wants to pay for the course – can you provide a separate invoice?
Sure thing! Just drop us an email
Payment Plans?
Yes! We will help you with payment plans from start of the cource to accually landing a gig.
What if I live overseas?
Our Platform with work’s in all LANGUAGES; some of our instructors may speak your language & will provide additional support after class if needed.
All homework will be assigned in the form of gig’s, once your work goes live, yes even your homework; WE PAY YOU!

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