Gerts Situation is a company that provides years worth of marketing consultancy and management, as well as training for a diverse set of businesses varying in size and industries.

Through years of study and proven results, we have been able to demonstrate applied knowledge of a user’s experience with interfaces. This has translated into a unique understanding of how the common internet user interacts with ads and means to increase overall engagement.

Mission Statement

social media promotion bannerWe work with companies all over the US to enhance their social media and internet presence, and to make sure that their core message is consistent across all digital media platforms.

Some of the reasons our customers engage with us are the following:

  • The time commitment involved to run a digital campaign is intensive.
  • The core message across all the different media sites is not consistent.
  • Consistent execution from day to day is difficult. We find most business owners spend most of their time running the operation end of the business and dropping the ball on marketing or the leaving the marketing department to clean up the mess.

Our Commitment

We help and guide small to medium-sized businesses towards an effective web presence and a distinguished web identity. We are a Google Street View Trusted company dedicated to providing the highest standards of services possible.

See How Your Business Benefits

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